Food is Love


Food is Love

Food is a language.

Food is thought.

Food for thought.


Food can tell a story………take a moment to hear the details.

It can be a simple sentence,

a bold and direct story giving you a clear

idea of what was meant.

Or it can be layered with numerous flavors and nuances

and meanings

that are not completely understood at first taste,

not able to be dissected

because the combination of flavors

have created something

entirely different

than the sum of its parts.


Sometimes you may think it is a short story, easily understood,  but

as it unfolds the

simplicity becomes elegance,

a clarity of thought.


It can tell a story of traderoutes,

families moving on,

intermarriages of cultures,

battles won and lost,

weather patterns, ice ages,

winds shifting and animal migration.


Of genetic diversity and mutations

and the beauty of chaos

and order

Of traditions and teachings and families and love,

gatherings and partings,

Of travel and

preserving and

hauling and

carrying and


Of fat times and the Depression

Of long winters and bountiful summers,

and droughts.



The way mom did it and the way I am going to do it

Little more of this, how about a dash of that,

Of ovens and hearths and carbon based life

changing molecular forms and plates loaded up

Brinois, chiffonade, julienne, concasse,

chop, mince, dice, peel, core,

Wedge, cube, sliver

Taming the Entropy

into a system of

jars and cans and shelves and de-lectable de-lights.



Of molecules and biology so beautiful and interconnected that we






Of knives and crushing and drying and chopping and dicing and poking and

sharpening  and

grinding and stuffing and hanging and tying

and weather worn fingers with callouses

She can bone a chicken while you’re still untying your shoe laces

Lickety split.


Of cast iron and clay pots and

woven baskets and leather flasks and

copper and kettles and cauldrons and

stainless steel.


A special meal for birthday,

or alone at last,

or congratulations,

or making up,

or Thanks Mom…. get better soon.


Food prepared with hopes of love,

Praying that everything will turn out ….. just right.



But there is food that lost its

heart not its fault

we took it away.


Rows and rows and bins and bins and lots and lots

centralized,  capitalized,  captureized,  colonized,

falsified,  fortified

industrialized,  ionized,  homogenized,

pasture-ized, pasteurized, Plasticized,

Crammed   Rammed  Hammed  Spammed and  Damned




Slow it down a bit please

There needs to be a little entropy


Back to backyard.


I love you and I want to cook you dinner.


Take a breath,

Take a bite,

Take a whiff,

Take a load off

Take a day and make soup.


Give it some time

Give it some thought

Give it a go.




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