Cool Stuff


Though you can do a lot with what is around you, these are a few things we’ve found to be helpful….


The fundamentals of making your own puppets, large and small, for both the beginner and the experienced artist:

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater’s



The P-35

The ultimate in handy: a cross between a stapler and a staple gun—great for connecting pieces of cardboard.


and staples…



If you are looking for theatrical body and face paint, try

MERON Products





For paper mache, you’ll need wheat paste or wallpaper paste.  Buy it at your local hardware store, or here:

Please Note, especially if you are working with kids: The commercial mixes have anti-fungal ingredients.


Or try some of these homemade recipes.

Paper Mache Paste Recipes

Please Note, especially if you want to save your project: Mice and Mold really really like homemade wheat paste, unless you add something to deter them.


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